How a strong coach-client relationship can take your fitness journey to the next level

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Harry Longworth
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11 September 2023
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Deciding to get a coach is a big step that, if done right, can only contribute positively to your fitness journey. A coach is there to not only hold you accountable, but also to take the weight off of your shoulders and support you through every stage. Thus, it’s essential that you are doing everything that YOU can to utilise them. How can you do this? Well, you put in the groundwork. Here are the three foundations of a strong coach-client relationship. 


Whether you’ve been a part of the fitness industry for a while, or you’re just embarking on your fitness journey, getting a coach can be an usual adjustment. Allowing someone to have control over an aspect of your life that you heavily value, like your training, your health or your appearance, can be a huge jump. It may also appear a lot easier to just stick to what you know. But investing in a coach is one of the best things you’ll do, as long as you trust them. If you’ve chosen a good online coach (like one of our coaches), it’s important to remember that they have a wealth of experience, an abundance of knowledge and are educated professionals that are there to help you reach your goals in an enjoyable and sustainable way. Trust also allows for a more open communication, in return, allowing you to engage in a deeper connection with your coach. Unlocking that rapport helps you work together as a team. When you start to trust them, the process becomes stress-free and a whole lot easier for both parties. 

Not only do you have to trust your coach, but trust the process. Overnight success doesn’t exist when it comes to fitness. Success is achieved through hard work, commitment and patience – the perfect recipe for results. So it’s important to know that your coach will get you to your goals, but it takes time. So, let them bear the burden and be prepared to be taken out of your comfort zone.


Without honesty, there is no durability in a coach-client relationship. Honesty should begin when discussing your goals and what you’d like out of the process. Being honest is the only way to ensure that you’ll receive a plan that is catered specifically to your goals and designed for you alone. If you’re not honest about what you want to gain from the process, whether that be to lose weight, gain muscle or just to stay fit, then you simply won’t receive the results that you want. The same thing goes for when you’re going through the process. If your goals change, you’re struggling, or you’re just not enjoying it, if you don’t communicate with your coach, the process becomes worthless on both parts. Complete transparency is key. There is absolutely no point in being shy or holding yourself back. This just translates to you holding yourself back from reaching your goals and unlocking your full potential. 

It’s also crucial that you’re honest with yourself. This applies to tracking nutrition, tracking training and when training to failure, for example. You might feel like you couldn’t get another rep, but could you? Be honest. Push yourself. Then, you are guaranteed to succeed. 


Without respect, there is no authority, meaning there is no accountability. Accountability is a fundamental aspect of coaching. Your coach should be a figure that you admire, look up to, and, therefore, want to learn from. Someone who leads by example and not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. Another vital element is respecting the process. You get out of it exactly what you put into it. If you’re not putting in 100%, it is impossible for your coach to do the same. Keep up the positive mindset and results will come. 

The purpose of coaching is to encourage long lasting beliefs and behaviours. This is best achieved if you engage with all three fundamentals throughout your process of having a coach. At One Coaching, we strive to help you get the best results possible, while providing you with ongoing support, educating you and helping you gain all the knowledge needed to transform your mind, body and lifestyle, preparing you for indelible success. Take a look at our ‘Our Coaches’ page to meet our team of professional online fitness coaches. Each coach has a different speciality, one of which is guaranteed to cater to your needs. We are proud to be a team who have walked the walk. A team who has all the tools to help you become the best version of yourself. Why wait? Start now and get in touch with one of our outstanding coaches. 

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