The importance of goal setting

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Harry Longworth
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17 October 2023
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Here’s why goal setting is such an important part of training…

Embarking on a fitness journey can mean different things to different people. It might mean going to the gym to feel strong, running to keep active, or eating well to stay healthy. Each person has their reasons. But, what you’ve got to ask yourself is, is what you’re doing aligning with your goals?

Goal setting when it comes to fitness is a key component to see results. By giving yourself something to work towards, you’re giving the journey purpose. Having purpose unlocks determination and motivation, helping you reach your goals, whilst also enjoying the process. 

Firstly, you need to pinpoint your overarching goal. What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to be in your fitness journey in a few months? You might want to gain muscle, get stronger, lose weight, or hit a pb, for example. 

Then, you need to work out how to achieve that ultimate goal. What do you need to get there? It might mean setting up a training plan, sticking to a meal plan, or consulting a coach. Set some SMART targets or mini goals throughout your journey. When you achieve these, it will enhance the sense of purpose and direction in your training. 

Monitoring your progress is also a great tool to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction. How you do this will depend on what you’re trying to achieve. This could be by noting down your reps, tracking your weight, or checking in with your coach. Seeing how far you’ve come is also a great driving factor to push that little bit harder. 

If you have a goal to work towards, it’s easier to stay committed. It reminds you that you’re in it for the long haul. So, stay committed and remember that the feeling of getting where you want to be is unbeatable. 

If you want help setting goals for your training journey, achieving them and unlocking your full potential, get in touch with one of our coaches today. 

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